Re: I hope you disband NF.

Uthred wrote:
Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:12 pm
First days of the one week test are over and no matter if you like NF or not, the topic is heated up a lot and there are disccusions going on all over the place. We expected something like this and would like to thank you for the feedback that is reaching us via ig, discord or forum. Most of the feedback is very helpful and it is nice to see that most people try to discuss in a reasonable way. Thanks again.

But also some rumors are starting to spread, regarding the decision if NF or OF. Thats why I would like to announce the following:

- At the end of the one week test, we will switch back to OF
- We are already reading and will continue reading the NF-Thread very attentively
- There will be an opinion poll after the test has ended
- As soon as we have a result of that poll, we will try to make the best possible decision including all the (reasonable) feedback we got during this week

Expect a final decision about one week after the test has ended.