Can we have a way to ilnk accounts?

I play and my daughter plays. I play mid or alb and she plays the same. However, the past few days she has been talking about trying hib out.
I don't want a situation to occur where I get up before work and maybe do some crafting on alb and then she log on a couple hours later on a different realm. Right now we communicate which realm we were recently on but I am concerned that if we miscommunicate EVEN ONE TIME we will be banned.
I really don't want that to happen. Is there anything we can do to avoid this possibility?


Re: Can we have a way to ilnk accounts?

Hi chryso!
I'm assuming that you both have your own accounts and aren't sharing one? Outside of just communication with her and letting each other know which realm you played last, there is currently not a technological solution to this problem. Perhaps you could adopt a procedural solution?

1. If you both are home and want to play, decide which realm and how long it has been since you played to ensure you don't run afoul of the realm timer.
2. If one of you is not home...
  • Very Important! Make sure that the other player is not currently logged into their account! If you both only play from home, this might be easy to ensure -- just knock on their door and ask! If either of you plays from elsewhere, though (work, school, internet cafe, etc.) then you will have to call or communicate with them to make sure they aren't online.
  • Log into their account and see if their realm timer is expired (or use a different method if you don't want to actually log on -- see the Realm Switch Timer FAQ).
  • If the other player's realm timer is reset, then you are safe to log into any realm you want from your account. (Of course, if you wanted to change realm then your timer will have to be reset as well).
  • If the other player's timer is set, then you will have to play on whatever realm they are currently bound to, or wait until their timer is reset to change. Also, if they are bound to a different realm than you last played, you might need to wait until your timer is reset before logging in to avoid being auto-logged into a different realm than the other player is on.

Another way you could do this is to go old school and leave sticky notes on monitors about which realm you played and the time you logged off at.

Maybe an enterprising developer could write a utility to help people manage which realms have been logged into by peer machines to help people manage schedules? Interesting use-case... definitely something to think about!

Hope that helps!
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Re: Can we have a way to ilnk accounts?

Yes, Tam, that is what we are doing now. I text her and let her know where i was playing each day if I leave the house before she wakes up.

This makes me think of another issue. Right now she is home for winter break from university. When she goes back to school next week I would think that she could log in to any realm at any time since she would be in a different city than I am in. Is there an issue with accounts that are sometimes played from the same location and sometimes not?

Re: Can we have a way to ilnk accounts?

Hi again!
It makes sense that once she is out of the house with her computer that she would no longer be considered in your household and both of you would no longer fall under the special requirement to play the same realm, but I think we would need a Dev or GM to confirm that. I am in somewhat of the opposite situation: my kids play and created accounts while they lived on their own, but one has since moved back home. Fortunately, we both play exclusively Albion, but if one of us ever did want to try another realm, I am certain that we would need to coordinate or risk a ban.

@Devs, GMs: In Chryso's case, is his daughter OK to play whatever realm she wants without risking a ban once she goes back to university?

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