Aether is recruiting

Our guild is getting settled into Albion and we are now looking for more players to join us. We are a casual guild but we are always seeking to improve. We prefer to get the xp over with and go straight to the RvR. We occasionally PvE to maintain our potion/charge use and to template etc etc. When run pretty consistently from:
10pm est - 2am est / 7pm pst - 11pm pst.

If you've never played a certain class but want to try and learn a new one, we are open to helping.
If you are coming over from hib or mid and are starting fresh we can probably help you.

We are looking for players that mesh with our personalities. We just play to have fun but we also like to be competitive. We use our own discord server for communication in game to stay organized. If you want to run with a group of guys that plays often but won't shove your mistakes down your throat then we are probably a great fit for you.

What we have now is about 5 pretty committed players and we need a few more to fill out the rest of the roles. Most of us can play any class but we would like to see what are options are before we all start different classes.

Feel free to message me here on the forums or to contact either myself on Etherbunni or my cohorts in crime: Etheric, Aetheror, Ethereffect, or Ethyreal in game. If we aren't on or in game please feel free to reach out to anyone in Aether. They will find a way to get the message to us.