a friend of mine has problems to get online......

a friend of mine called me because he can´t logging in. After trying some diffrent things (patching , installing, etc.) I search for other reasons and found him and his cousin and his don´t know the englisch word for the son of his brother´s account at the same "BANS Thread". So 3 diffrent persons at 4 Bans.

Banned Byrjargol, Enduri, Pilzmich, Tokata

So now he is wondering ans also much more english "useless" then me and he want to get his Account unbanned.

Is their a way to get his account back or like the rules no way anytime?

Thx Sqweegle

Re: a friend of mine has problems to get online......

DasBier wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 7:53 am
They are banned for xrealming. Means they played different realms at the same time from theire one house IP. Thats against the rules.
Yep, it`s xrealming and against the rules. I told Sqweegle already about that since they are in my guild....

But i`m sure it wasn`t meant for rp farming or rvr infoleeching (both are mid/low rr and more casual players), it was stupidity and impatience...in german i would say gehirnamputierte Vollidioten...
I`m really upset about this issue, wait until i catch them in TS....grrrrrr.

Maybe Sqweegle will act probation officer. I`m not sure if i would do that, although i know it will not happen again.

Re: a friend of mine has problems to get online......

just to add here: you say 3person 4banned accounts in a previous comment, that is also against the rules
The bans are (afaik) timed, so no probation officer required to get back, what you guys need to figure out though is how to communicate that it wasn't 1person with 3multiaccounts, but 3people with "only" one additional account.

That said, reach out politely to the staff on discord, instead of discussing here, because this thread is already another violation of rule 12.2

-> 12.2 Public discussions about already enforced punishments are strictly forbidden in game, on forums and on discord.