Pet damage reduction

May I ask since when and why did you lower the charmed pet damage?
A level 50 pet doing the same damage like a level 49 before the change. 51 doing damage of 50 and so on.

Old damage list:

New damage list on 3 examples:
Level 50 mob:

Level 51 mob:

Level 62 mob (190 = unstyled, 240 styled):

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Re: Pet damage reduction

Ashok wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 10:17 am
See patchnotes from 2019-4-17 and 2019-4-16

Thanks for the reply.
My first table is refering to that change and I am 100% sure that on the 17th and days after it the table was correct still. When I saw your patch note I tested it after a new restart of the server.
I can remember correct because the ellyl hero damage was insanely high that one day. Like hitting sbs for 500-600dmg per swing.

But I take that as an answer to my question thanks again. :)