Am I banned?

Hello Phoenix Staff,

I was playing on my account about 3 days ago and the following day I try to login to my account
and I get a message reading "Your account has no access to this game" I looked at the ban forum and I
wasn't listed. I'm here now looking for some information, am I banned, suspended or bugged?

Re: Am I banned?

Uthred wrote:
Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:46 pm
After our first ban wave in August, we are checking once again on multi accounts.

These bans are applied because of the violation of rule 1.1 and/or rule 1.2 - Phoenix' core rules
You did create and play multiple accounts from the same computer in the past with optional circumvention of the realm timer using another account in various cases.

While we have an automated detection in place, every ban is being reviewed by a team member before it becomes active.
Due to the amount of accounts the system returned, we will not post individual ban posts on the forum.

If you are affected by this, you will receive the following error during loading screen:
"Your account does not have access to this game."

To determine your individual ban duration, the rule of thumb is:
  • Multi-account on same realm: 3-day ban for the 1st account; perma for all others
  • Multi-account on different realms: 7-day ban for the 1st account, perma for all others
  • Creating new account while temp-banned: perma for all accounts
  • 2nd incident of multi-account: perma for all accounts

If the ban did not expire after the duration you are assuming, feel free to contact a game master on Discord or forum.
Please expect delays in our teams answers regarding this. Always provide the affecting account names when contacting us on this matter.
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Re: Am I banned?

I believe I sent a PM to you Uthred and to the staff.
Is Loading into the character select screen and loading into the game one in the same?
I've always kept track and double checked my realm timer on my account before I play
a friends account on another realm, and by doing this I load my client and see if the 3 banners
of each realm present themselves. Thanks again for reading, helping and sharing information. :)