Celtic spear hero spec, template and RAs

I was wondering if there is any loot spear that is worth using in a template. Any other must have items beside galla chest, SI necklace and heart of legion ?

About my spec, I was either considering
50 cs
42 shield
39 blade
6 parry

pro : the shield+blade setup is not just for slamming. I can still peel, debuff haste and do damage while guarding (and using dashing defense if it is worth taking).
con : with the spear i dont have any real defense, which may be bad for solo/smallman.


50 cs
42 shield
38 parry
10 blade

pro : I can protect myself without a shield, and with the shield+blade and dashing defense up I can do some actual protection for others.
con : the shield is just to slam and protect. No damage whatsoever with the blade.

What do you think about dashing defense and soldier's barricade ?

Last question, what about farming feathers nowadays ? Is a hero useful in DS/HoH ? Any other ways that hib players are familiar with (like llyn barfog bosses on alb) ?
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