Ranger Melee 40PF comp 52 weap/52CD

I was wondering, anyone tried this after 75 str/con nerf?

I know that blade is the vaste superior MH due to Spectrum Blade and amor resist, but IF we look at a Celt with 40pf and MoA 7 you still cap quick going 10str 10 con 10 dex at creation, and you can easily obtain at RR5

50 Comp Stealth
52 Comp Pierce / Blade
52 Comp CD
40 PF

At RR6plus you can give up on either 52 comp CD or MH and go 46PF for last dmg add, wich is pretty sweet



a}stay 40PF plus whatever 39 style you wish, especially if you keep Blade

b} stay 40PF 52comp MH and push CD even further

I was just curious if someone theorycrafted // tried a spec like this, since the minus 25 STR change plus the spec d/q buff is kinda big and Pierce give you the option to push CD much further, since you can give up the 39 style to just sit at 52 comp it could open some different builds, while I feel that blade best spec is still 39 blade 50PF rest CD but has been nerfed with the last changes.
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Re: Ranger Melee 40PF comp 52 weap/52CD

Yup but 52 still cap variance, doesn't it? ofc there is no cap value at hitting with two hands unless you consider 50+11CD at 13L in live the cap ;p

Talking of shar, if you go 15 str 10con with yellow buffs you miss 9quick to cap at MoA7, the easy way around is to go 11str/9con/9quick creation or 15str/1con/9quick creation, but at that point I slightly prefear 3%slash resist of the celt and the look of the race.

Since Im hesistant to go for Moa9 and I want to try high CD and 42pf I will set for celt with yellow buffs and MoA7 to enjoy the race and have 3%slash res on top of it. I dont think it's like nerfing yourself and it is better to play what you enjoy. If I was sure low CD 50pf was better I would have picked shar all the way to not overcap quickness but that's just my 2c and prob I missed something no matter what :)
Missketa 5Lx 8man Champion on hold
Miske 4Lx Solo Ranger ongoing project