Dark Spire Account % Exp Bonus Gone


Was a bit tired of Albion, decided to delete everything and start brand new in Hibernia.

I had a 15% DS Exp bonus that I don't have anymore, it dissapeared shortly after I started brand new in Hibernia. (Used to had it, joined a group and dissapeared, still hasn't come back)

Anybody has same issues or know how to fix it?

Thank you!

Re: Dark Spire Account % Exp Bonus Gone

Other than keeping a name or wanting to not wait the 12 hours to realm change, why would anyone delete characters? No real reason to. Make a modified name, and take a long sleep or go see a movie and have a good afternoon outdoors or something and wait out the 12 hours.

That being said, bummer about the bonus. Sorry man

Re: Dark Spire Account % Exp Bonus Gone

Ashok wrote:
Sun Apr 21, 2019 9:41 pm
He did delete the character that had the 15 Dark Spire run credit => lost it's bonus.
yes I did delete, but if there was specified somewhere that the "permanent account bonus" was permanent until you deleted the character, I wouldn't.

15% lost, will work hard to get it back BUT was a bit missinformed since the DS info on forums said otherwise.

"My bad"

Re: Dark Spire Account % Exp Bonus Gone

Well, first ir all, they said the DS bonus was account wide, that means when you earn something it remains into the account, no matter what happens to the characters.

They never said deleting your character was also deleting the bonus: If I knew maybe I wouldn't had deleted and wait for the timer, anyway if I delete or not it's my issue and / or mistake , it's not the problem here.

I accept they are not going to give me back the bonus, I didn't even ask to get it back. I just asked them to clarify it on the original post so it doesn't happen to anybody else. (They didn't yet)

It's not an account wide bonus if you lose it when u delete the character, it's bad propaganda.

Re: Dark Spire Account % Exp Bonus Gone

tbh that's just how the database is working.

Each character has it's own statistics and "achievements" listed under /title. No surprise that those stats are lost when you delete the character.
The mentioned "account wide bonus" is simply a modified lookup query, searching on all characters across all realms, instead of being locked to the current active realm.

I guess there is a technical solution to separate character / realm / account credits but it would require database and code changes.
The ROI would be low.
- Ashok, GM Lead