Solo RvR

Hi there, just hit 50 recently and i am almost templated for rvr!

How is solo Rvr on a visible class? Without speed/horses, a suicide?

I guess that with OF is not very friendly :/

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The other realms will love you.

You either need stealth or a good form of speed because groups here are relentless and will mow ya down.
It's a game and a game is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few who want everyone to play their way!

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Yeah, what was stated above. I would suggest perhaps looking for a guild and get some smallman action going. Groups will still chase you across multiple zones on speed 6 though /shrug.
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There's a reason 95% of the people who solo are playing speed classes and stealthers :)
Soloing on a visible with no speed can get pretty rough but I would suggest roaming the zones that don't currently have an rvr task in them, there aren't many people roaming there but you can meet the odd soloer if you're lucky.
Every single fg will kill you, no exceptions.

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i dont care about getting killed by fgs etc... just i am worried if there will be other solos running around or not

Anyway i guess is too soon to know yet :) time will tell, guess a special solo/small task would help :D

I already did alot of solo on an st so wanted to try something different ^^

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I just got my template yesterday (well almost, still miss the TG hammer) and tried running a bit on my skald.
It seems fine at least in non-peak hours. I have met some solo people and some small groups, died a lot as I'm still low RR.
At the moment I'd say the experience is nice and I'm optimistic, though I guess you most definitely want to have either speed or stealth.

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I solo on Eldritch quite a bit. Despite having no speed or stealth.. It's fun!

Yes you will die.. sometimes without any chance of winning whatsoever.

If you don't mind to run at sprint speed and use the cover of the environment, being very cautious about where you show yourself, then solo RvR can be a lot of fun.

Try to find good xp spots for other realms to kill xpers or aim at those who do the same to your own realm.

Just one caution; you will need to master your class and invest in every little thing that will boost your abiltiy to win. Running without potions or charges is going to be costly. Gearing up for battle is some of the preparation work you will need to do if you want to compete solo.

PS: I'm a tall Elf, not a pesky lurikeen.

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You are already 50, so a bit late.

But my best advice to solo visibel, non speed (or atleast non speed 6), is to lvl almost exclusively in Frontier.
You need to grow thick skinned, and able to shrug of ganking, because you will experience a lot of it.