How to fix class stacking (minstrels / bards / skalds)

Hi there, first time making a post but i have a possible solution to the current game breaking meta of running 2/3 bards /minstrels / skalds in a group.

Why not put a debuff on SOS and AM on the group for the same amount of time it takes for the cooldown to refresh on the target? Example, SOS has a 10 min cooldown? Make a 10 minute debuff on the team that just used SOS.

Currently there is a couple of teams abusing the fact that you can stack a class like a bard in a group that has huge healing and huge defensive / offensive cooldowns, they run sos 3-4 and the support a permanently in cc immunity while your team is getting trained down/cc’d . They’re even running alts that are bards so that every time they use 2 or 3 sos to win the fight they log in the alt with SOS cooldown up and have it again for the next fights they get into. Or they run extra players out of group to have it ready at all times during the fight.

It’s a simple fix to a broken mechanic, maybe I’m wrong here but this is what I’ve experienced so far after 12 hour sessions for the past 2 weeks. Stacking this type of OP cooldown is broken, certain realms have a greater advantage ofc since their RA combos work better than others.