<Action> recruiting

<Action> is recruiting on Alb. I don't want to see the population decline any further and I think that a nice community guild on alb would help give people a sense of purpose and a place to call home and enjoy the server. I'll try to keep this simple with a quick overview of the guild:

1. The guild is somewhere between casual and competitive. It's for the players that want to log in and have a really reliable guild PUG ready to RvR with. It's for the players who are content playing competitively with the classes available. I'd rather take an excellently-played Friar over a poorly-played Armsman. Your contribution will be based on your skill, not your class. Discord will be required for RvR.

2. Part of having a successful guild is making the guild BIG. I believe that people at all level ranges should have guild members online to play with. The biggest thing a guild can do to benefit its members is to create an environment where finding xp/rvr/farm groups is easy and expedient. Having guild chat to find classes needed in xp groups is HUGE on a server where it seems like people spam /LFG channel endlessly with little success. I want leveling to be like "okay lets start an xp group for levels 5-10." and then bam we have 8 people ready to grind it out. Replacing one guildie with the next as they log out, etc. This is key.

3. We all have real lives that trump DAoC. This reiterates my point that logging in and having a reliable PUG is key. If your playtime is valuable and/or limited, then you deserve a guild that is READY for you when you come online.

4. The guild plays both during EU and NA times.

5. Bottom line -- this guild will be what you make of it. If you wanna PvE all day, cool. If you wanna be a top-10 on the herald and RvR, it shall be done.

If anybody is interested, feel free to reach out. The guild is already set up, has xp bonus active, crafters actively working on tradeskills to help support lowbies and do temps at cost. You can send anybody in the guild for an invite. We are also looking for a couple people who may be interested in officer positions after spending some time getting to know the guild and current roster. If that interests you, please lmk.
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