Who let the demons out?

The demons are sick of all those players invading them for two weeks now. So they will strike back and invade Cathal Valley. They have spawn there all over the place and we need you to fight them back. You have one day before they will subdue this map. So grab your armor and weapons and port into fun and adventure.

Cathal Valley will open its gate at July 21st at 6pm CEST (5 hours 15 mins from now). You will be able to port there from Druim Ligen, Castle Sauvage and Svasud. It will be open to all realms and all levels.

There will be many mobs, that drop feathers with a lower respawn timer than regular.
There will be a big boss to fight.
There will be a keep to claim.
There will be some lower (lvl 30+) Spots for xp.
There will be the FZ Bonus.

Go there, get your feathers, raid the keep, smash the enemies. The more the better. We need numbers to stresstest the server. And most of all, have fun.
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