Albion Villa house vaults

Everywhere that I can find information regarding the different size houses and their amenities shows a villa (the 40p house) as having availability for 4 vaults. I have 4 hookpoints for vaults and was able to purchase a vault from each hookpoint. But I am only able to place 3 of them. And I couldn't sell the 4th vault back at the hookpoint. I had to go to Camelot and sell it back to a merchant there.

Should a villa have 4 vaults? It seems a big jump from 10p to 40p for a house and only one additional vault :(


Re: Albion Villa house vaults

think of it this way....
relative to the initial cost, 1p -->10p is a bigger jump than 10p -->40p.

i personally stay @ hut level on every i can make sure that, even if i abandon a realm for 2-3 years, my precious near-entrance-real estate wont get lost. ♥

edit: after doing some research it seems that you are correct! i also found out about the badass command /payrent. im such a noob :(
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