PVE Trophies and other Stuff

Hey there,

I am a rare species, because I love to PVE, but notice, that it is quiet differet on Phoenix than on live (10years ago).
I have some questions, and maybe anyone can answere me.

Former, most of the named mobs had specific "named" drops like weapons armons aso. Are these on this server too? Or is it changed anyhow? (for Example Frost Giant in frontier, where you can not buy the drops)

Are there this Trophies for the house and are these the same as on live server?

Further I would like to point out some frustating things, because I am a little bit disappointed, that the high value drops from epic dungeon dragon aso could be bought with feathers, but I also can understand it, because otherwise casual players (not spending their entire life for daoc) have a hard time to get em (I am remembering TOA at the beginning^^)

Another thing coming into my mind is... are the mobs as strong as on casual servers?

Maybe someone can help me, because I do not like to waste houres of farming with 0 chance to get what i am looking for :)

Thank for advice and happy farming :)

Re: PVE Trophies and other Stuff

As far as I know, there are no "one time drops" on this server if that's what you're referring to with your named drops. On live the there was that 5.0 speed two handed axe that people would farm for thid, that isn't on this server.

Trophies drop but I'm not sure if all of them are implemented. When they do drop tho they come premade so you don't have to have an alchemist make the trophy potions or whatever. Just bring them to the house and put them on the wall/floor.

Re: PVE Trophies and other Stuff

There are some high value items that are dropped that haven’t made it to the feather merchants - some have been added via the bug tracker and some are waiting on world builder decisions. The drop rate on those items can be decent or horrible. Lifetap rogs are good sellers but the system is pretty good for preventing cornering the market on rare drops.