The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Hey guys!

Been missing a thread for casual discussion/shit talk/giving props/talking fights among stealthers! Usually every forum used to have this I think.

My favorite enemies so far:

Warleay(this one is really mean :D)

Havent had so many memorable Hib duels yet though.

Give me a /wave if you see/kill me, or us (with my Friend Zackk)!
Zickk, Infiltrator

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

I’m still a pretty noob Infiltrator, and have definitely been demolished by a few of you in here already.

My template is finally done though, so time for me to get good! Looking forward to running into you all.

Character name is Vile
Vile - 50 Infiltrator

Galdor - 50 Skald
Loftur - 50 Runemaster

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

I have no respect whatsoever regarding alb stealther, they are always grped/zerg or they add and jump, they are the people that i despise the most IG.

Regarding Mid, I have encountered few solo and they tend to duo/trio more and more often now, certainly to counter alb stealth zerg. If you want to find them they camp between HPK and HMG in HW or APK and AMG in Emain.

Generally i prefer to fight mid but the fact that they are always the overpop in FZ, when you jump on someone the odds that you get added increase considerably.

Regarding hib i know some guild are zerging, i know people that duo a lot, i know people that are solo. As i concern I usually run solo and occasionally I duo with a guildie.
I prefer solo but without vanish and with all that zerginess it's quite hard sometimes.

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Hey guys,
Alb Scout Zerg here

Feel free to add on us at every opportunity, because we will certainly be adding on you :)
We've been eating full groups, it's why we group up to 8 of us but the onsies twosies stealthers will do just as well.
Phix thank you for finding mzungu on discord and being salty, we had a good laugh bud. Cheers!

Re: The Ultimate Stealther Thread

Yokahu wrote:
Tue Mar 26, 2019 3:49 am
Do all stealthers here run fully buffed (pots) and with charges up to their necks?

I’m considering leveling a stealthers but not if I’m going to be sinking too much gold into buffs. Just wondering how many charges and pots you guys run with.
If you solo almost exclusively running as many buffs as possible will obviously increase your odds of winning any particular fight. Or if you run into someone else who runs absolutely everything decreases your odds of straight up losing. If you plan to group it obviously isn't as important to be running absolutely everything.
When the kids try to solo