Not sure if you guys remb over on LIVE when we had the battle of Dev's. It was outside of darkness falls and we prob had over 500 mids help try to kill the Dev's. If you remb the dev's were able to drop a bomb on us that would kill half the bg at one time and we would have to hurry up rez up and go back to trying our hardest to kill them. After what seemed to be forever we were able to finally kill them and we were able to earn a new title for toons. I believe if I remb correctly the title was destroyer of arnak. The raid was done several times within the week as they were scheduled so every1 knew the times and could be there. I think this might be fun over here and maybe help promote something new , Possibly hold it in EV or again outside darkness falls. Would be nice to see the devs have some fun as well.. Don't be scared you DEV's...…... Bring the pain as im sure MIDGARD will :)

Plus we need new titles and this would be so much fun .
IF you view the post can u please like it to help with getting this raid. We would really appreciate all the help :) Thx guys and gals.
Also spoke to couple GMs last night and they thought it was good idea but I had to make a post here first.
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I spoke to couple Gms last night and several thought its a good idea but I need to show that we would like this to happen.. We can offer our suggestions and see where it goes. :) I hope we get enough people wanting it so we can get it or something like it.