Charm-related Stones

Because of the switch to NF it is no longer possible to get pets from the mainland and bring them into the frontier.
Can you add a stone that:
1st slot charge 1/1: 'copies' Target mob and sets 2nd charge
2nd slot charge: Summons the mob in neutral state with the given level of the original, despawns if left alone

Some problems I can see are
-Realm guards swarming to kill the mob if you restrict it to setup area
-Purposely using the item to summon a mob inside PBAoE/AoE
-Standing at edge of guard range and summoning the mob to occupy the guards
-mobs with proper names like Templar need to be distinguished from regular nameds
-Mobs previously exclusive to only Albion, Hibernia, or Midgard would now be present in all 3 due to NF combining them

I think it should be treated similar to potions and unrechargable, if not a product of alchemy or spellcrafting even

While you could instead add prefilled versions of the stone for each given mob doing so removes running to find the mob which originally would have been necessary to charm it with a horseless run back to the borderkeep. This way would also require occasional runs to the camps of NF mobs if the player chooses those instead. Alternatively the first Charge could be restricted to non-frontier zones like costume potions so that NF mobs that don't exist in the player's own realm can't be summoned

Re: Charm-related Stones

Roto23 wrote:
Mon Oct 07, 2019 7:22 pm
What pet is it that you can't find in the frontier?
Anything in the epic zones, most stuff in Lyonesse and Cullen
Most of the sub lv46 stuff from the realms won't be present in the frontier either

Some people like the aesthetic of bringing bizzare or rare mobs into the frontier enough they used to make the run from one end of the realm to the other to do so, not necessarily for some uber pet