After Demon's Breach it is time to explore the epic dungeons

Now that a lot of new level 50s were born thanks to the Demon's Breach event, we would like to help you a little bit with templating them. Therefore we will put in a two times feather bonus for the epic dungeons Galladoria, Caer Sidi and Tuscarian Glacier. This bonus will start on tuesday (July 7th) and will end on saturday morning (July 11th, EU time).

As we sadly had some drama last time, we will put in this special rule again:

During the two times feather bonus from tuesday (July 7th) to saturday morning (July 11th, EU time) it is strictly forbidden to do any raids in the epic dungeons (Galladoria, Caer Sidi & Tuscarian Glacier) with less than 50 players.

Anybody who is failing to follow this simple rule will get a 3 day ban.

See you in the dungeons.

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