Duplicate Names

Due to a bug at the start of the Stress Test it was possible to create some names twice. The person who created the name first, will keep the name. The person who created the name afterwards was renamed. I just gave you a random name, if you wish to have another name instead, feel free to contact me or any Gamemaster and you will get a rename.

It happened with the following names:

Bar, Dusk, Emeraude, Freya, Ghost, Lady, Lee, Medic, Gregor & Shalee.

Sorry for the inconvenience but we found the bug that caused it and already fixed it.
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Re: Duplicate Names

We have resolved most of the issues where a handful of players blocked some names just to harass.
Since the stress test weekend, which was also meant for players to create their characters in advance of the launch, we receive many messages and requests for name "claims".

Most of them are "generic" names and we will not reclaim those, especially if they are on "normal" accounts with no entries. It was just a coincidence that someone else liked this name too.

In addition, if you didn't get in touch with us right at the stress test weekend, we will not take any action anymore.

Please refrain from contacting staff from now on for name claims.

Thank you!