A Level Playing Field

The next event will be a pvp level event with a duration of 7 days.

Only level 1 characters with an empty inventory (aside from their starter equipment) will be permitted to participate, once you leave the two event zones you will not be able to enter it again.

Level 1 - 49 will happen in the Proving Grounds BG, level 50 in the ToA PvP Zone. A group cap of 5 will apply in all event zones and in the toa pvp zone solos and groups will be separated.

It will start on the 18th of September at 6pm (Berlin time).

The proving ground will be instanced / phased for levels 1 - 9 and then in 5 level segments (10 - 14, 15 - 19 etc.).
Level 1 - 4 every enemy kill participation will generate 1 rog weapon 1 rog armor and 1 rog accessory, level 5 - 9 it's every 2 kills and starting at level 10 it's a weapon every 8 kills, an armor piece every 6 kills and an accessory every 5 kills.
To level up you need to to participate in as many kills as your next level (2 kills to get from level 1 - 2, 3 kills from 2 - 3 etc.), solo kills count as two kills in this context.
RP until RR 5 is tripled.
There will be no crafting inside the event, undecided yet but potions might potentially also drop on kill participation.
XP off will be ignored inside this event.

Please note that some of these things, for example the rog drop rate or required kills to level, are still subject to change, there will be a playtest to cover the leveling aspect sometime next week.

Re: A Level Playing Field

Thanks everyone for testing the event. The test today was the last one and it seems like that everything is working fine.

After some internal discussions we decided to start the event on Friday, September 18th at 6pm (Berlin time), which is in 24h from now.

The event will last for 7 days and will end on Friday, September 25th.

Basic infos:
Everyone will start at Level 1. If you want to join the event, you need to have a lvl 1 toon without any xp, rp and items. Only your starter weapon and your bind stone is allowed. Characters that were played during the test and logged there, will get ported out before the event goes live.

It is a PvP event. Everyone outside your group is your enemy. The realm timer is not active in this zone.

During the event, dont leave the zone. If you do, you will not be able to get back to the event with that character. In this case, you need to create a new toon, if you want to join the event again. It is intended that you cant use crafting there and you can only get equipment by killing other players. There are no mobs to xp, you only level up by player kills.

Use the Event Teleporter to port into the fight zone. When a member of your group is already somewhere in the fight zone, you will get ported to him.

Useful Commands:
/autogroup: Via this command you can toggle on/off if you want to be auto grouped or not. It is set to on by default. When it is enabled, you will be grouped with players within your level range. The command doesnt care about classes, it just fills up. If you want to build a premade group, you have to disable the command and then invite your friends in the safe zone. The groupcap is 5.

/event pet: Minstrels, Mentalists and Sorcs can summon a charmable pet inside the safe zone via this command.

The different level ranges:
Each time you level up and hit a new instance level range, you will get automatically kicked from your grp and ported into the new instance. Only the instance for lvl 50 will have two different phases. One for solos and one for groups.

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Re: A Level Playing Field

As the end (of the event) is near, we will do one last change to the event. The event will end on Friday, September 25th at 6pm (Berlin time). For the last 24h (starting at Thursday, September 24th, 6pm Berlin time), only in the level 50 zone we will quadruple the rps until realm rank 5L5 to fill the level 50 zone for a final mayhem of fights and rps.

After the event has ended on Friday, it is time to leave the land of instances and to go back to the Frontiers. To encourage everyone to fight for its realm again, we will do a double Bounty Point weekend until Monday morning, EU time. On top of that, we will double feather cap in RvR during that period of time.
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