The Banished

It all started with those cracks suddenly appearing in the outer walls. Daji, one of the three ambassadors of the Banished, was the first to witness them and how they were very slowly but steady starting to spread all over the huge wall which protected their secret kingdom from the other realms. Deep down in the depths of the Labyrinth they were living a modest but very happy life. Until those cracks showed up.
In addition they could clearly hear strange sounds from the other side. Something was trying to break through the massive wall and to enter their kingdom.
A council of the wisest of the Banished was held and they decided to leave the underground. Three legations were set up to search in each of the three realms for help and allies.
After building up a small settlement in each realm, they decided to send the three Ambassador to get in contact with the inhabitants.

The Banished is a new faction which we are introducing to Phoenix. We will use it to implement various new things on Phoenix and to have these updates packed into some nice background story. There are no plans to introduce the cow race or any new classes. We picked the cows as they have a lot of different models and they can be equipped with players stuff, so we are able to build some nice equip templates for them. Another advantage is, that they aren't "bound" to any realm.

Yesterday we implemented two different quests which will bring you to the enclave of The Banished and which will introduce the most important people of The Banished to you.

For now there are three different updates planned and worked on which will be introduced via the Banished. But there might be more updates or events where we will use The Banished for in the future.

Classic Dungeons
To revive the five dungeons in the classic zones, each dungeon will get 3 different quests, that will start and end in the settlements of The Banished. Besides money and xp as reward for these quests, you will also get a new, non-tradeable xp potion (duration 60 mins, group buff, 10% xp bonus for the whole group) for each completed quest.

One of the new NPCs in each settlement is the Horse Master. You will be able to buy a basic horse there and you will also have a questline which will reduce the price for these basic horses a bit.
For more infos on the horses, please read the following thread:

New Jewelery
The third update will implement a new questline which will bring you into the different epic dungeons, SH, rvr bosses, dragons and other world bosses. At the end of these quests you will be rewarded with high utility new jewelry which will be very useful for building decent templates as an alternative to ROGs. We are planning to publish one quest every two weeks. Please note that these new items will not have any interesting toys on them, it’ll just be high utility named items.
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Re: The Banished

Announcement from the Banished:

We want to encourage your young people to join us in our adventures in your lands! We strongly advise your youngsters to venture to the camp of the Banished and find out how they can help!


We have added 3 quests per realm for the low level dungeons: Tomb of Mithra (Albion), Nisse's Lair (Midgard) and Muire Tomb (Hibernia) - port to the camp of the Banished and find out more.
The quests will be available after the reboot on Sunday, May 31st.