Re: Albion Llyn Barfog (LB loop) Guide

I have lead a few LB loops: ^^

Group Comp from hardest to easiest role:
Necro (prefer 50DS and 18 Pain)
Cleric (prefer 42 buff, rest heal)
Tank = Paladin>Armsman>Reaver>Merc>Scout
Theurg (earth/ice)

Now on Phoenix the loot is distributed according to your class (an Armsman will be the only one able to loot polearms) except if people create a bg, then bg loot rules will apply (50% chance to get item for your class and 50% chance to get item for any class of the realm)
It is possible to do LB Loop with the 4 usual class and fill up the group with 4 Infiltrators in order to get 50% chance to have infiltrator ROGs which have usually higher potential value. For Lady boss you could have them sit together far away from the boss to not be the target of the dot.

General Info:
Always do /who barfog and check if there is already a group running the loop before forming, can also ask them when they will finish their loop and if they are running again, if they need rep too.
You earn around 850gold worth of feather per loop and around 5-15 ROGs per loop
Each loop should take around 20-30mins
Bosses respawn every 30mins
Only 1 group should run the loop at a time
Its not worth it to run it at less than 4ppl or more
To get there you need to tp to Snowdonia fortress go south and take a horse directly to Llyn Barfog.
You should clear your bags before doing loops (you can also vendor at Llyn Barfog East Lakeside town)
You should carry power pots as casters.
Challenge mode doesnt change anything for LB Loop, except maybe making adds stronger so dont use it.
Should advertise in group chat any 99%+LT weapons and any 65+ utility jewelry
Utility can reach up to 113u (seen)

Basic Class Info:

- should use a fast weapon (<3.0 base speed) to be able to draw aggro fast and not lose it.
- If there is an aggro issue, most likely he/she is using detaunt style (yellow color) instead of taunt style
- should have an SC
- should have some defensive RAs
- should have the usual boss window (only region chat active)
- should be spamming taunt style
- should not afk during loop
- Guard and Protect on the Cleric

- should not be angry to be useless when low on mana and just hit with staff instead of jumping around
- should refresh DA and haste on the tank
- should be close enough to tank for bubble if able
- should check for AF debuff and call for it if neeeded
- should spam cold DD on adds

- should hit with hammer if comfortable
- should buff as follow:
--tank= spec af, str/con, base dex, d/q, base str, base con, timers
-- theurg= acuity, if possible base dex, d/q, if possible even base con and str/con, finally but I doubt it spec AF.
-- necro ghost= acuity, if possible base dex, d/q
-- necro pet = base dex, d/q, not acuity, if possible fill with anything
-- cleric = base dex, d/q, base con, str/con, base AF (if undergeared), spec AF, timers
- should run at least MCL 1
- should have aug dex 3 and mastery of arts 3 and aim for mastery of arcane 5/6

- Priority 1> keep enough mana to be able to use powerdrain spell ^^ or have spare pots/MCL/legion chunk in case you fail
- Priority 2> give mana to the healer
- Priority 3> give mana to the theurg
- Priority 4> debuff
- Priority 5> DPS adds
- Priority 6> DPS boss
- Use purple spec AF debuff (-250AF) and purple con debuff(-46 con), lvl 18 str/con debuff too (-36) check for resist and recast them if resisted
- Focus adds>boss
- recast timers (absorb)

Boss Locations TBD

Boss Strategy:

Everybody in melee range to not be impacted by nearsight (apart from interrupt) and not have to cure it.
Theurg = Spam Earth Pet until cap, then cold DD, then recast pets until cap, then cold DD, or hit with staff when empty in mana; always stay at melee range
Tank = Spam taunt style except when low on health
Cleric = Stay melee range, hit with weapon when possible, dont cure NS, only heal tank
Necro = debuff and give mana, just little DPS

Theurg = Use 5-cap earth pets at a time, depending on grp, cold DD on adds, can also root when in danger, should run blue bubble, stay melee range
Tank = Spam taunt, taunt adds, face adds and boss, care for your health
Cleric = can stun adds occasionally, can hit adds if focused, should clear poisons asap, keep close eye on tank
Necro = focus keeping the cleric mana up, focus killing the adds debuff boss
This boss can loot very expensive Remains
The more theurg pets feels like there are more adds, which would mean that adds spawn as boss health goes down.
Occassionally does a AoE dot/bleed spell

Theurg = Spam Earth, DD cold, hit staff (same as mouth)
Tank = Spam taunt, run away from pets and group member when the boss shouts, dont go out of cleric range
Cleric = just heal tank and can hit boss in melee
Necro = debuff, and give mana to theurg
Does a ranged str/con debuff and that Targeted AoE lifedrain move on the one who holds aggro at the time, if the tank doesnt move away from theurg pets it can heal the boss to full hp.

Very similar to King, no debuff but instead an AoE disease spell, which only the tank really needs to be cured off.
When he shouts on region, like king, the tank has to move away from theurg pets and groupmembers to avoid healing the boss.
The one that feels targeted by the AoE disease spell could run away from group, if he wants to.
Theurg = Spam Earth, DD cold, hit staff (same as mouth)
Tank = Spam taunt, run away from pets and group member when the boss shouts, dont go out of cleric range
Cleric = just heal tank and can hit boss in melee
Necro = debuff, and give mana to theurg

This is the Hardest boss of the loop
She can be tanked at her spawn point
When she spawns she will run around for a few seconds and come back to her spawn point

She has 3 moves: auto attack, pbaoe cold spell and AoE targeted dot spell
Her Physical attack hit really hard so the cleric usually has to constantly spam spec heal on the tank.
She will shout in region chat just before she will cast her Pbaoe cold spell, so its easily avoidable by the tank if he keeps focused, it does around 30% of the tank hp if its not avoided, which can be risky if cumulated with physical autoattack and dot curing.

Every 30seconds around she will target a random group member and cast a dot spell (around 3 seconds cast speed)
If you keep your camera on her and if each group member is facing her from a different direction you can clearly see who she is targetting, so the healer can precast the dot cure and the person can attempt to run away from contaminating range.
The contaminating range on that AoE spell is around max casting range (1350 maybe)

The best strategy IMO for fast setup and being comfortable is to have necro and theurg at the same location, the tank at the boss spawn location and the cleric at a right angle positon 1350 units away from both the DPS casters and the tank.
This means that when the dot spell is casted on either DPS caster, the cleric knows he will have to cure both of them, might be able to precast it correctly on at least one of them, should have time to cure both of them before it does any significant damage and before the tank dies.
The cleric needs to be alone, so that he has to cure only himself when targeted.
The cleric needs to wait 2 seconds before casting cure when he gets the dot to not lose interrupt time.
The cleric can also precast on himself to cure it as it drops on him without suffering from interrupt.

Theurg= Spam Ice Pets, dont waste all your mana, cause if you get targetted (50% chance) by the dot spell and you are within 1350 units from your ice pets, they will die. If you use earth pets they will die by the cold pbaoe. You can also cold DD
Necro = Give mana to cleric, give mana to cleric, then give mana to theurg, no need to debuff AF, just con and str/con
Cleric = Heal and cure, maybe rez ^^, use tinder and pots and chunk and MCL ^^

Similar to second boss Afanc, he spawns adds. These adds can snare and deal large damage.
At around 25% hp he uses a damage shield which will kill the earth pets, so the theurg needs to switch to ice pets spam at around 30% boss hp.

Theurg = Spam Earth on boss then Ice at 30% boss hp, focus dps on adds with cold DD, can also root if team is in danger
Necro = the usual debuff, focus adds, give mana to cleric>theurg
Tank = Spam taunt on boss and taunt adds, dont bring the boss close to the ice pets
Cleric = hit adds with hammer when targeted and stun them, use tinder, keep tank alive ^^

Very similar to first boss Mouth, but hits harder (1-2 shots necro pet)
Everybody in melee range to not be impacted by nearsight (apart from interrupt) and not have to cure it.
Theurg= Spam earth, DD, melee
Cleric = heal and hit with melee
Necro = debuff all and DPS
Tank = Not spam too much taunt but still taunt (taunt has very high defense malus=> less block/parry)

If you finish your loops before respawn and you are running again, you can go the the small town on the Eastside of the Lakeshore to sell trash loot and cloth/leather and have a water break.
1% contribute 90%

Re: Albion Llyn Barfog (LB loop) Guide

Wow, okay, my 'guide' looks real incomplete compared to yours.

One correction, though:

Centenario wrote:
Wed 30 Sep 2020 11:33 PM
- should buff as follow:
-- necro pet = base dex, d/q, acuity, if possible fill with anything
The Pet doesn't need int/acuity buff. It's wasted on it. Only the shadow needs the int/acuity buff.

Thank you for taking the time to write that down!

Re: Albion Llyn Barfog (LB loop) Guide

Centenario wrote:
Wed 30 Sep 2020 11:33 PM
I have lead a few LB loops: ^^

Group Comp from hardest to easiest role:
Tank = Paladin>Armsman>Reaver>Merc

We are always forgetting best blocker of the realm... scout! did several times as main tank no issue at all, especially if you need related rogs