Spell Dmg Calculator

I saw the post that helped people optimize Ra's for casting speed. Built this calculator that doesn't do the optimization, but it lets users see the return on realm ability purchase for spell damage and casting speed. Felt I would share.

I tested this against PVE mobs outside Jord. Formula seems mostly accurate assuming you have no dmg variance for missing spec and item bonus. I did not add in option for relic bonus. Welcome to Midgard I guess?

Some notes I found:
1) The formula I found online stated bonus to spell dmg from primary casting stat was (1+Stat/200). I found this not to be the case it seems like it is (1+Stat/250) meaning a slightly less return on primary stat increase for dmg.
2) The multiplier for + Spell Line in gear is still (1 +Bonus/200)
3) Changes to WP drastically reduce return for PVP, some optimization tests with with a similar spread sheet in excel found going a route of mostly MoM with some Aug Acuity improves average dmg output. If random burst dmg is still the goal WP still has a role to play obviously and a couple of points in WP does have some early returns.

Hope it helps some.


Edit: Disclaimer, I did not test with buffs, not sure if there is a soft or hard cap to Dex or Primary Casting stat.