Re: Farming DS / HOH

I rerolled from Albion to Hib for some visual small man RvR with some from my live guild.
Plan was to farm feathers in DS for cash. So far i managed to get 4 runs in Hib (2-3 runs short of the title in Albion)

My problem now is credits, i underestimated the fact that i need credits too.
Do someone lead Legion, Summoner halls, Dragon or Galla weekly in EU prime time? Cant say i have noticed so far.

From my experience in Albion i find tatic on first boss strange in Hib, (might have been changed in Albion too, for all i know) but here in Hib you just out damage it instead of move out of sight of the spawned staffs. Is it due to the static shrooms?

@staff: Is the Dark Tower title account wide?

Re: Farming DS / HOH

chryso wrote:
Wed 30 Oct 2019 2:02 PM
I believe credit for Legion and Summoner hall raids count for all realms regardless of which realm you were in when you got the credit.

Can a GM verify this?

That would be great as i got most frontier stuff from playing Albion.

Re: Farming DS / HOH

I can confirm legion and frontiers are shared. So is DS and hoh. The only things that aren't are dragon zone and epic zone.

Also 2 handers aren't great as offtank in hoh due to slow swing speed, still need one handers.