Reaver spec

Thinking of 50 flex, 42 shield, 41 sr and 6 parry.

I'm not a big fan of parry, but am I gimping myself with such a low parry?

So second option is 50 flex, 42 shield, 36 sr and 20 parry.

Re: Reaver spec

Those are the two standard cookie cutters Specs

And with how they “fixed” tohit/miss the styles for reactive are pretty bad

So the lower parry spec is superior imo

Re: Reaver spec

if you plan on grouping with it I suggest you go 50 flex 42 shield 36 soulrend 21 slash 10 parry. This way youll have a 1 style side snare by swapping to slash real quick. very useful. If solo only, dont worry about it the specs you mentioned work.
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