Porters & hasteners

Thanks so much for the teleporters and hasteners - they make the game *so* much more enjoyable. I would just like to suggest two things.

First, if there is a teleporter, please make sure that there is also a hastener there. A good example of this is Yarley's Farm in Alb - the ability to port there is wonderful, but a hastener would be even more so. I doubt there is any run in the game done more often than Yarley's to Lyonesse. Another example is Avalon Marsh. Also, there is a hastener just inside the east entrance to Cammy but not the north entrance....it would be great to have one there as well.

Second, I feel strongly that there should be both a porter and a hastener at all origin points. Examples are Avalon Marsh, which has one but not the other, and Prydwen Keep and Ludlow (or Humbolt, I get them mixed up) in Alb have neither. Ft. Atla in Mid and Ardee & Howth in Hib also come to mind....

Thanks for a great shard and keep up the great work !!!!
Never ask permission when you can beg forgiveness later.

Re: Porters & hasteners

Thanks for your reply !!!

Your suggestion is fine if one has a house, which I don't atm. My suggestion was more a common sense one of consistency. I feel porters and hasteners should be a pair that always occur together, and I stand by it.
Never ask permission when you can beg forgiveness later.