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daytonchambers wrote:
Thu 6 Feb 2020 8:54 PM
easytoremember wrote:
Thu 6 Feb 2020 8:07 AM
Wasn't it you bitching about evil rich players having no gold sink?

Pretty sure that was not me, prove me wrong and post a link to where I said that please? If you are referring to the repair cost increases I was not a fan of that either.

And as far as gold sinks go there are plenty of things already asked for in the Suggestions section, like I said, that could easily be set up to take plat out of the economy.

For one thing, allowing the cosmetic stuff to be purchased with feathers/BP/AND GOLD would be an excellent gold sink without affecting the economy
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Re: Gambling!

Sepplord wrote:
Thu 6 Feb 2020 3:47 PM
Chihuahua wrote:
Thu 6 Feb 2020 3:43 PM
I personally have dropped from ~300p to 5p.

What did you drop so much money on?

constantly racerespeccing? or is there any other thing to burn huge amounts of money?

Weaponless VW temp ~100p
Reaver temp ~50p
Nightshade temp ~120p+ (12 weapons)
+ other cheaper templates, pots etc and nightshade running costs

The suggestion above about cosmetic changes to increase goldsink is a great idea - allow effects/reskins to be also bought for gold. For example 4-5p = 10K bp reskin/effect.

Re: Gambling!

I was not sure where to post this as most of the other topics are locked, but I was wondering if there could be a guild only porter for guild members who own the main keep? This would allow for great defense and give a reason to claim a keep over a tower. By making it guild only, it shouldn't really be overpowered for most keeps.

Re: Gambling!

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Gambling Ideas:
Have Soil/Midgard/Hibernia/Alb thingies become gambling currency.
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