Domination Flag Porting

As we get very different responses to our Realm Task Feature: “Porting to flags”, we would like to find out what the player community really wants.

For this particular poll we will check the characters on the voting account and only consider votes of people who have at least one level 50 character and made some RP since the introduction of the teleport. Once the vote is completed we will post the result with only the considered votes.

Re: Domination Flag Porting

No BUT you should move the flag into those castle ! ! ! ! !
and for avoid infinite defender you should remove the teleporter X min after the castle start to be attack ( X depend that need some test it could be 1 or 5 min for example )

Atm castle are useless relic are useless THIS IS NOT RvR THIS IS JUST ARENA FIGHT .... we are not in a moba game !

Re: Domination Flag Porting

Teleporting to Keeps instead of Flags:

    Invading realms will teleport to the 4 center keeps instead of the flags. The invading realms can now battle over the center zone keeps at the start of the task to secure teleports. This is more in the spirit of Dark Age of Camelot.

Invader Teleporting Only:
    Allow only the invading realms to teleport to keeps. The defending realms will need to run from their border keeps. This will create more action in the Border Keep zones, and the action will flow from the portal zones towards the border keep zones instead of vice versa. It will spread the action into two more zones than just the center zone.

Objectives in Border Keep Zones:
    Add tons of new objectives to the border keep zones, so that the defending realm can choose to complete those instead of running to the center zone. In order to compensate for removing teleporting for the defending realm, they will now have objectives in their two border keep zones, which they can complete and earn realm task score. The invading realms will now be able to contest objectives that are spread out across the two border keep zones. New capture points that scale down based on group size. Treasure chests hidden across the zones that have 1,000 soil,snow, or branches.

    Here is a map of Forest Sauvage with New Objectives:
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Re: Domination Flag Porting

Only allow invading realms to teleport. No teleporting for the defending realm. Make teleporting for the invaders to the 4 keeps instead of the flags.
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Re: Domination Flag Porting

Remove healers in PK or apply the 3 mns rule for invading realm if you plan to keep instant back to action respawn with full mana. Right now there is strictly zero penalties for death.