archer pet hitting from who knows where

Today I was defending Thidranki central keep with my runemaster. Outer door was down, so I was in the inner keep. A forest hunter (charmable mob on this battleground) killed me after hitting me 11 times with his arrows. Very frustrating, considering the mob was hitting me and he was out of my sight. Unless you can deal with line of sight issues for archer pets, please remove those mobs from the battleground. Thanks.

Re: archer pet hitting from who knows where

rblanco wrote:
Sat Jun 15, 2019 12:30 pm
Mob auto showed in my target, I could face it, just couldn't nuke it cause it was out of sight.
Those forest hunter pets are pretty annoying when they're shooting through and from within walls and you can't retreat far enough to expose them. I've had my cleric killed by them several times and never could find them.