EU active player looking for guild

Howdy everyone,

veteran player from vanilla, SI and TOA returning to DAOC started a month ago on the server.

I am a guy in his 30', straightforward and respectful, occasional shitposter. My turn-ons include helpful, kind, respectful guild mates and a sexy emblem. My turn-offs include not getting RvR groups, gate-keeping neck bearded pseudo-pros, unkind peeps and retarded guild names :)

- What i can offer: decent understanding of the game, i can help guildies level as i desperately farm money, i can be your 8v8 peeler or your small man partner. I can craft most armors in the game (soon to be all armors in the game). I am comfortable with grouping with new players, casuals as well as serious, semi competitive players.
- What I request: people to play with, whether it be forming 8v8 RvR groups, small man, farming sessions and other raids (i am missing credit for legion btw)

I play during the week as my time allows (working full-time job and family man) and a fair amount on week-ends.

on this server, I have:
1. lvl 50 armsman (Wreckanishu)
group specced, LGM armorsmith / LGM tailor

2. lvl 50 necro (Ismael)
sightspecced, Pve RAs

3. lvl 50 infiltrator (Petrushka)

Feel free to send me a tell in game on those toons. I can speak english, spanish, italian and french, but i am looking for an english-speaking guild.
I have discord and an actual good microphone ;)

See ya around :)