Emain is the RvR hub and Hib is suffering

Unless other methods are used to disperse the emain action, the hib RvR population will continue to dwindle. Request to give hib a port somewhere near crim or bolg. It takes 5 min to run to the action, 5*8 = 40 minutes of peoples time is wasted running to emain each run since there is nothing in-between.

Re: Emain is the RvR hub and Hib is suffering

Kampfar wrote:
Fri May 17, 2019 7:24 pm
QQ i walk 5min. Seriously?
QQ I walk several times to mmg till i can pass thru. too much add, zerg bla
Ppl should stop whine and just play. It Starts to be more QQ than the other Server and i thought that this could not be possible, more whine than can be
Dude you don't play hib, just remain silent until you play hib and had experimented the emain situation.