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Ninaya wrote:
Sat Jun 01, 2019 7:14 am
Hi there,
maybe someone can help :)
I just tried the gemcutting thing.
How can i resalvage and get the most out of it. As it seems I am only getting another remnand out of the item ?

But...the item I craftet is most of the time not better than the salvaged one, so it kind of goes the opposite direction .
I mean, I was happy that finally something could be made out of the gemcutting line, but is this working as intended?
Or is it really some kind of random throwing-the-money-out-of-domnan-event?
I have about a hundred remnants of various type just sitting for the day that this isn’t just a casino game.

Re: Gemcutting

gotwqqd wrote:
Wed Jul 10, 2019 5:50 pm
gruenesschaf wrote:
Sat Apr 13, 2019 10:29 am
There will be an update either later today or tomorrow that will introduce recipes to combine 2 remnants into one remnant of the next higher tier.
Did this happen?
I saw no comments about it.
yes - but its tedious. I did combine a bunch of remnants and sold them off for 10p @200g per polished. Necklace remnants are worthless however due to the fact that getting a rog better than the SI quest is slim.

Re: Gemcutting

Yer it's busted I have farmed for 4 to 5 hours for drops and also purchased probably a plats worth of lvl 50 and 51 items.

Broke all these down and made polished remnants and then crafted these some were 96% and upwards to 99%

After buying the Ash I have loads of feathers so no issues there and the gems I had 2 x 70 utility items 2 x 60 utility items and 1 x 93 utility

This I would say I out of approx 40 maybe 50 remnants

So yer it's busted completely random you make a 99% and think wow and get a 55 utility drop lol
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Re: Gemcutting

I have no data to support this, but i blindly assumed it was like all other crafting. A 2% chance per make. I've always hating saying that though, since its 2% per make, not cumulative. A lot of people think that means that if you make 100 then 2 out of those hundred is guaranteed to be an mp. Thats not the case. It is absolutely like the lottery. If you have a 2% chance to make a mp with this make, then if you make 2, you do not magically have a 4% chance to make one and so on.

I, like you have crafted @ 250 total blanks (between gems,rings, bracers and belt). Out of 250 i have made one MP item that my savage wears. The complete randomness is irritating at best though. The mp bracer i made that my savage wears is 92 utility. I have made a 98 quality ring blank that crafted into 92 utility and ive made several 99 blanks that crafted into 80+ utility items

Re: Gemcutting

It clearly needs tweeking as I know the game is based on rng but this is far too much rng I mean crafting and combining to get a polished blank and I only use polished now.

And get a 55 utility item lol
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Re: Gemcutting

There should be some "guarantee" like
- polished 96% roll between 48 and 56 utility
- polished 97% roll between 56 and 64 utility
- polished 98% roll between 64 and 72 utility
- polished 99% roll between 72 and 80 utility
- polished 100% roll between 80 and 96 utility

That would give a formula with a tier_base (eg: T5 polished=32, T4 flawed=16, T3 rough=8, T2 uncut=4, T1 raw=2) with a quality based roll (var96=16 to 24, var97=24 to 32, var98=32 to 40, var99=40 to 48, var100=48 to 64).

Formula = 2^tier + 8x(Quality-94) + random(8x(Quality-95)).

That would suppose the RNG function is able to take an expected utility (I'm sure those crazy devs can do it)

Re: Gemcutting

After weeks of testing and trying I have to say that gemcrafting should stay the way it is.

You will get very good items from Masterpieces,,,the polished ones reach 100+ (...sometimes :roll: )
99% is often great too, and most of the items under 99% are crap but you may get lucky and hit 70-80 util depending on the remnant you worked with

Of course it is not cheap and it takes passion but if you do masses you will get very good jewelry for the market soon

If you just want to equip one char you will get frustrated

Re: Gemcutting

I buy some low utility jewelry at the market to try my luck sometimes. 2 questions:

1) does jewelry quality matter? So salvafing a 94% qual belt VS salvaging a 100% qual belt makes any difference?

2) what about salvaging a lvl 50 item VS salvaging a lvl 51 item? Any difference?

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