New Player tips and tricks

Hi everyone,

It’s my first on Phoenix and I’m looking for any tips you might have in term of classes, leveling and enjoying the community.

I last played the game in 2010 i think and I had a infiltrator and a Paladin go do some RvR.

But now I would like to experience Midgard - eyeing classes like Skald, Thane or Shadowblade to go back on an assassin-type.

I heard that some skills level alone if you don’t put point on it, that Phoenix as a special tasks system...

So if you have any advices feel free to share.


Re: New Player tips and tricks

Hello and Welcome to Phoenix,

first of all, check out this thread for good XP locations, those mobs drop Xp loot which helps quite a lot: ... =24&t=3989

As a first class I would personally go for something easy to level, good to farm and frequently asked in farming froups.

Thane is a great choice, it is easy to solo lvl, asked for in bomb groups and great in nearly any RvR situation. Thane got buffed on Phoenix and real fun to play.
Bonedancer is great too, not that common in farm groups but perfect for solo farming.
Spiritmaster is another option, not that good in solo PvE but a perfect additional for any PvE group. ;)
Go for Thane, you won't regret it.

While not up to date, the wiki gives you some information regarding the task system and other changes.

Have fun.