EGG's for experience 2.0

Eggs are great! But i think its time to develop them a bit?

Several times while leveling i kinda WANT to duo with someone, but usually both of us gets better exp by not grouping because of the eggs..

Would it be possible to change Egg drop to like Half amount for Duo? 1/3 for trios? something like that?

Re: EGG's for experience 2.0

You should always be able to out xp the egg bonus on a duo unless you are playing 2 healers or 2 clerics or 2 bards.

Eggs are a decent bonus for solo's, but duo's and up should always be fine plus you can still get soil/branches/snow if in Fz.
It's a game and a game is meant to be enjoyed by everyone, not just a select few who want everyone to play their way!