Re: Mob resist table?

It's all over the place with the exception of undeads that are all weak to spirit dmg.

You might shoot something that looks like a cat with a slash arrow and discover it's not weak at all, nor to thrust or blunt, but resistant to all 3. Same for magic.

Re: Mob resist table?

I found this for melee damage: ... tances.php

In English it means (for resist, the sources says increased damage):
Skeletons: -20 crush resist, +20 thrust resist
Air Elementals: +10 crush , +10 slash, +10 thrust
Earth Elementals: -15 crush, +10 slash, -15 thrust
Fire Elementals: +10 crush, +10 slash, +10 thrust
Ice Elementals: -10 crush, +10 slash, +10 thrust
Water Elementals: +15 crush, +10 slash, +10 thrust
Fleshy Undead (Zombie): +10 crush, -15 slash, -15 thrust
Ghostly Undead: +15 crush, +15 slash, +15 thrust
Furry Animals (badger, wolf, etc...) neutral crush, -10 slash, -10 thrust
Reptiles (snakes, lizards) neutral crush, +15 slash, -15 thrust
Armored Animals (ants, beetles, tortoise, I guess) neutral to crush, +15 slash, -15 thrust, although I would have put here -15 crush, +15 slash, neutral thrust, but I guess they consider it scale armor and not plate armor.
Trees/Plants: neutral to crush, -20 slash, +15 thrust
Troll: +15 crush, -10 slash, -10 thrust not stone trolls I guess.

For magic, I know that:
- undeads are vulnerable to spirit damage.
- plants are vulnerable to fire and matter

It's usually just common sense: a plant doesnt suffer from body damage since it doesnt have blood and flesh, so it must resist to that, it must be vulnerable to matter because its mainly composed of matter. Ice should be vulnerable to fire, water to Energy (i.e lightning), Earth to cold (i.e water), elements should be resistant to spirit/body/matter.

I think ants have more body resist than snakes, and snakes more than wolves.
Matter is like Rotting/Decomposition, while Body is like Venom/Necrosis, Energy is like Decay/Radiation.
For fleshy beings (worms, amphibians, reptiles, humanoid, animals, dragons, even fairies) more muscle you have the more you are subject to Body Damage.

Anyway, when the world builders create a mob, they have to create first an archetype (furry animal for example) and then they assign an archetype to a mob, they can also grant a mob extra armor (a skeleton with plate armor for example) that would mean extra resistance on top of the archetype resistance.

Now there are more archetypes:
Magical Humanoids (faires) vs Magical Spirits (lights)
Worms, Maggots are Fleshy Insects?
Dragons vs Armored Animals
Amphibians like frogs
All the types of Humanoids: Werewolves, trolls, orcs, humans, bwcas, bwgwns, goblins, etc...

Would be nice if the worldbuilders give us all the archetypes they use and how they set up the resists, and if some mobs have some extra armor or not.

I know on Alb the legionaries are supposed to be skeletons wearing some armor, on top of some weapons, with extra styled attacks.

What about the pictish warriors, or the paladins in the frontier zone?
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