Login problem

Hello after along time i want to play agian . i tryed to login last weekend and it said Two factor authentication requred. please check your Email (and spam folder)

how ever for a whole week ( 7 days now) i have not gotten an Email . it's not going to take that long right ?

some help would be lovely

Re: Login problem

I'm having the same issue after re-installing the game and following all the directions on getting set up. Please advise.

I believe I've resolved the above by not being dumb and actually checking the correct email mailbox, however the game tries to load and the DAOC splash screen is displayed for a few seconds then it states, "Hit Esc to exit the game". Any thoughts?

Figured it out.

Re: Login problem

I just signed up and installed the client, I am getting the same hangup. ive tried loading the game countless times now. The loading bar completes but then hangs, then "Hit Esc" shows up at the top left.

I am really excited to play DAoC again, hopefully we can get this figured out.

Re: Login problem

I was able to Fix mine. Came across someone mentioning to go into your Dark Age Of Camelot installation folder, Locate Pheonixfixer.exe (I think that is it), run that then click on the "Downgrade" option. Problem solved, it will take a few minutes to run.

Good Luck!