Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

Rabbit event, inspired by PlanetSide 1.

Each realm is given an unclaimable tower with a red captain in EV. A ball spawns in the middle. Whoever holds it the longest wins. The ball resets when near the gates. To end the event one realm must capture any factions tower. Spawning at the tower stops once the door is breached, a fallback spawn near the bridge begins once breached.

These rules mean a faction in the lead must cement their lead enough to have enough time to end the event. Otherwise other factions can earn points or even stop spawns for the lead faction while they try to capture the tower.

RPs are given at 1rp/3s for existing in EV, ~1000rp/hr. RP/s means you don't need to be logged in, and can pop in and out as life demands.
Being near the ball gives you an additional 1rp/3s. Payout on capping depends on how many opposing pairs have been near the rabbit, 1 alb and 1 mid or 1 mid and 1 hib. Depending on how long the event has gone it could be substantial.


Invisible tasks. Tasks not visible to grouped players. Go to X, live for 1 minute, receive 200 rps. Amount of tasks varies with amount of players online to try and spread out solos.

I get that rps might come too freely for some but remember, a lot of lords and ladys 8 mans are just keep camping looking for solos. Difficulty in gaining rps is a non-issue as it is easy for low skill tactics to give rps currently.


If every realm owns home keeps when bled, beno, or crau are targetted for keep task the keep is downgraded to yellow guards with holes in the walls. Guard spawn rates are slower. Captain maintains level.
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Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

Place capturable flags in interesting areas/structures (such as abandoned villages, Taco Bell, etc.) as tasks, just like the capturable flag points near launch.

Implement rubble/box quests for people to turn in for BPs.

Ruined keeps.
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Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

Most things have been already sayd.
Most important thing imo, is to split action from the coast guarding and keep tasks..

EV is a dead place atm but a perfect place for some solutions.
I like the 3 tower/center keep bonus RP idea from grumpy, aswell as collection tasks of any kind in EV. For BP and a small amount of RP.

Domination even was nice back in the early days of Phoenix, please bring it back!
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Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

Great job @Gms for suggesting this and opening it up. Fantastic effort.

I get that its not easy but definitely one worth focussing on

  • At the moment it's strategically beneficial for players to circle their own keep within the safety of the guards
  • Most of the map is a barren wasteland#
  • Farming choke points, docks/keeps/dropoffs is commonpractice, from a solo, group and smallman perspective, but due to the above decent fights are rare
Learning from the past
  • big grps and zergs and powerful folk were funnelled to emain mostly, because everyone knew it was the hive of activity. Can EV be the new area for this? Each realm has a gate, choke points can also be circumvented by boat/running to different dropoffs so not nearly as much of a stalemate as OF was in certain scenarios. In fact camping a gate for too long could well get you pincered horribly. Sounds quite fun. Also solves another OF flaw of very unequal travel distances.
  • solos/smallmans could roam in 2 diff realms, this created nice zones. Encourage the same?
  • Camping Portal Keeps was rare, there was zero incentive or reward associated with camping portal keeps as guards would 1 shot opponents. Zero rp. Zero reward. Zero incentive. Of course occasionally people pushed, but it was futile and rp rewards to the defenders in these zones was minimal so not really a worthwhile endeavour... you knew you had to leave.
  • Custom to phoenix... you created movement, especially with capture the flag, great addition, spread the battlefield out nicely, and created rotation. Not saying it was perfect, but it did encourage a variety of areas to fight in.

  • Learn from the errors of current, and the benefits of old, and make the 'cheaper' tactics a less viable strategy or less rewarding for doing things that would be considered cheesy/easy/cheap. The reward in this should be found on the other side of a challenge. (not half afk shooting a palintone at a bridge hoping for the best)

Please read the bolded parts of below for the INTENTION of the suggestion
, and the descriptor as a suggestion, not a mandate. It's the objective that should be thought about solving, not saying my solution is necessarily the right way to go about it.
  • Objectives to make you move Similar to the previous capture the flag objectives in OF, implement an incentive for people AND groups to leave keeps. ideally in different regions/directions
  • A Malus for being cheesy/picking on people Maybe add a Malus to hanging around your home keep too long, or killing smaller groups or lower people consistently. but at the same time, a bonus to people roaming or rvring in 'off meta' areas?. Or Could be a malus, reduction in rewards for killing a group below half the size of yours for example, or have it take away from your task bonus rewarded each half hour. Or a timed reduction in task rp if you continually camp a certain area or sit in your home keep. 'risk/reward' component.
  • Encourage/reward people for taking on a challenge conversely to the above, killing something more challenging than you (2x the size, or zerg destroying as a full group, make that even more rewarding, like an rp multiplier on top based on the imbalance in the challenge. Outnumbered 3-1, get a 0.3 (no logic to this, this needs more thought) multiplier to rp for every person you kill. E.g. a Check on 'size of enemy group', 'number of enemy groups', 'adds', 'how many you're outnumbered by'
  • Encourage roamingImplement roaming or foraging tasks, eg items around the world that can be collected. More points for NON speed classses, less for speed classes, else you encourage everyone to play mincer/skald.
  • Conflict zones implement conflict zones or bonus rp areas. e.g. PENNINE GROUP BONUS x2 bonus for clean 8v8 in pennine. x2 Bonus for clean 1v1/solokill in Jamtland - This is an example. Bonus being +300-400rp, i know it sounds a lot but it HAS to be rewarding. Thought to be added on how to not make this a wasteland of BD's and Champs would be needed. I also wonder if a 'CHECKIF' could be put in place to avoid needing the cleanfight command, so rewarding rp if 90/95% of the damage done to all 8 members of the opposition group was done by members of your group? then automatically provide the rp bonus.
  • Reduce guard strength, as well as reducing task reward for taking keeps. Guards currently destroy any smallman capability, or solo capability. Solos used to be able to operate inside keeps and cause chaos. Now 3-4 oj guards practically 1 shot attackers...dont quote me...but you get the point.
+ Shard Skin Barrels
+ Tune hp back down, made fights too slow/encourage adding.

The invisible tasks suggestion above is nice, but of course circumventable. Checks on the 'have you been grouped in the last 30 mins', have you personally completed a 'solo task' already to learn the new info, to stop people just freely mentioning the info. No way to thoroughly stop this unless a malus is also added, but yeah, nice thought.

Final thought which imo should form the basis of the intent of the changes..The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it. Not those who feed on scraps.
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Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

pollojack wrote:
Fri Feb 14, 2020 7:25 pm

Invisible tasks. Tasks not visible to grouped players. Go to X, live for 1 minute, receive 200 rps. Amount of tasks varies with amount of players online to try and spread out solos.

I get that rps might come too freely for some but remember, a lot of lords and ladys 8 mans are just keep camping looking for solos. Difficulty in gaining rps is a non-issue as it is easy for low skill tactics to give rps currently.
I like that one.

Re: Points of Interest – Suggestions & Ideas

Bring back the 5 capturable flags that existed in OF that realms could port to. Keeps the action fluid and lets it rotate amongst the realms as it did before. Zergs can port into to them to use as keep takes/relic takes if they wish. Solos and smallmans the same. Just makes everything more dynamic. They can still go the traditional boat route if they wish. Just gives more scope to get the action across all realms in a variety of places and keeps the action away from one to two locations (where the keep task is/where the zergs are).

Also forces home realms to be more vigilant and active in the defense of their towers/keeps. Less idling at the relic towns will occur as more people will likely port to one of their own keeps to idle to be more ready for a defense/capture offense if its needed