Boost for Crafters and raising the need of xp

Hello my dears.
Firstly i want to bring some minds for the ground.
A healthy server never standing still and its important to have several options to play the game in your way you preffering.
For this health its important to start for new players if they arriving our loved server. So we can growth or balance dropping playercounts.
Its ofc important to have a good rvr action, nice raids and all the stuff we already have, thanks to the staff!

Now to the core of my suggestion.
Before i played daoc, i playing alot of Ultima Online (UO), the first mmorpg, beside maybe Everquest.
In UO, there are "Bulk Order Deeds" (BOD). This are quests for crafters. U need to collect x selfmade equip. Then you give this BOD to the craftermaster and u get rewarded with some stuff u can craft better equip or get some progress in fighting.
When you have different chars, you can collect each hour 1 BOD per char.

How about to transfer this system to daoc? Would it be possible?
How is the way to transmission these BODS to daoc?
How about to bring this feature?

My Ideas:
At the capital cities the mastercrafters give this craftingquest for, lets say 20 arcanite Longsword (Or somethinge else) for each char lvl 50. In this way, player can get several BODS per day because of many 50er.
Ok, now the 20 arcanite Longswords get crafted und collected with a kind of stone which raise the count for each sword.
When the BOD is full, the player go back to craftermaster, give him the BOD and get some rewards.
For example:
- collect different items you need to create a portal to a specialdungeon where you need to slay many many mobs
- or some Phoenix special items like ash, tears or claws
- or (how boring) feathers
- or whatever

How you think about this idea, is this something you want to see?
In this way, the server can free the players from some gold and transer it in something to use.