Re: broadsword classic server inc

Unless staffmembers of phoenix are in the broadswordproject, i think they screw it up.

Same as Sepplord said, classic leveling is not fun and i think they will create a Uthgardclon and we all know how this will be.
Not appealing for me.

Re: broadsword classic server inc

Goforit wrote:
Tue Nov 12, 2019 10:17 pm
Live server has a freetoplay version now
Is it actually up yet? They were talking about it for so long I figured it would never get off the ground.

The restrictions on it are silly, though. I get that they want to encourage people to pay for it, but anyone on the ftp up option is going to be feeding rps to everyone else.

If they really wanted it to take off they'd give everyone access to the full game, but only for 1 character slot, and if you pay for it you'd get the ability to make alts.