Re: More mids in NF than albs and hibs combined

omicidi wrote:
Sun Nov 10, 2019 3:08 am
Shit's getting old. Some of y'all need to cowboy/girl up and move to alb.
This is a Tri-Realm game for a reason. There are underpop boni for a reason.

You might talk of US-Prime,
during EU-Prime it is quite balanced out with Albion beeing overopped by 10-30% on a regular basis.

Therefore, you should have said "Some of the US-Prime-Players need to cowboy/girl up and move to HIB!".

Highfather17 wrote:
Mon Nov 11, 2019 7:02 am
Mid is the easiest realm to play by far so it attracts the most players.
Probably easiest realm for noobs and casuals. Yes.
Easiest realm for decent players (all those who are able to kite in a caster group) is Hib and Alb.

Quite unsure about zerg fights, Ae-stun would be nice for Midgard but people rarely play Pac.
Earth-Wiz are quite strong, AE-dot / perma gt-ae everywhere and a LOT of casters for Alb in general.
Comparable amount of TWF5 reavers and bds. Necro's are quite a pain during keep fights.
Probably not worth the discussion. :D

Those XYZ is overpopped / OP discussions are 20 years old.
Live with it. You want a game with 3 asymmetric realms? This is the negative side of it.

If you have smart zerg leaders, they will team up against the overpopped realm.
Until than, I enjoy the underpop-boni (playing mid at EU prime).