Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

Shredders Only gave 60% cap xp yesterday .... not talking social xp .... talking cap xp !!!

It seems that this rework was to slow leveling. Even before, leveling was to slow.....

This game is RVR. There is no content worth playing below level 50. If you dont get it i know many players leaving., they are here for RVR not pve under 50. Just make instant 20/30/40/50 or make it faster but not slower at all. This change is ridicoulous. I dont wanna spend more time leveling. NO one wants. Just make a vote. i think instant 50 will be the result or instant 40. And you can leave it free for some people to level from level 1 .... But i know no one who play this game for the level grind.

PLEASE! i bet if you do instant level 40 / 50 we will get more players....

Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

I only have limited time to play this game, so this has effected me tremendously. I just turned in 10 items that used to give me half a level, but today I got 1 bubble. This is after the supposed increase from yesterday. Now that the drop rate has significantly decreased and the xp is a joke, I am finding it harder to enjoy playing. The xp change has totally ruined it for me. If the intention of the changes was to drive away casual players, it is working as intended.

Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

Too bad devs had to make this change. I cant really see why?

To make i more difficult to get lvl 50? Seems to be the end to this otherwise great server, where the essense of the good old daoc days were to be found. exept the evergoing grinding for xp. well thats sorted now. :(

Dont mind change towards the task system, but please dont make it this difficult to make it to lvl 50. atleast make the droprate go up, so there is a point of farming for xp loot.

What a shame. really enjoyed this. well back to real life then.

Re: Xping can we please have a vote to revert these xp changes

@Uthred, with all due respect, the XP level after the latest patch is still around 1/3 of what it was with XP items before the changes were applied.

As a direct example, I turned in 10 Faerie Frog Eyes at level 30, and received 2.27 bubbles of XP. In the past, the same turn in provided at least 6, possibly 7 bubbles of experience. In addition, the drop rate has been reduced as it took kiiling 60+ frogs before I received the 10 eyes.

I understand the desire to increase grouping for PvE, but this makes it worse for both groups, small man, and especially solo XPing. It was expected that the intent of the XP item limit removal would be to help people level a bit faster (if not simply easier than searching for various XP mobs). However, the XP process is not significantly slower and will serve to drive people away from leveling alts.