Staff friar questions

What realm abilities should a staff friar shoot for? Figured start with the usual lw/tireless and probably purge 2 or 3 but not sure where to go from there. Is reflex worth getting at all anymore?

The other question is regarding weapon choice. Is Brazen defender the only worthwhile staff? I heard running the celeric dragon staff can work but have doubts on its dps due to its fast speed.

Re: Staff friar questions

Friars don't need long wind, we get an endurance redux buff that delves at 25%, which is 5% better than long wind and applies to all actions. I mean, get it if you want still but imo it's a wasted point.

Purge 2 is fine for a while. You'll eventually want purge 3 I'm sure, but it can wait usually. ST is great, only lvl 1 is needed.

The question of reflex attack goes hand-in-hand with weapon choice. Personally I think reflex is more worth it with a slow staff. In general, it's still worthwhile, although I wouldn't go to 5 anymore. If you go with a slow staff, reflex + MoPain is a deadly combination.

Brazen stout defender is a standard for slow staff users. Celeric staff doesn't suffer from lower dps, however. They're both 16.5. You're forgetting what dps stands for. Faster staves do less damage but faster, averaging out to the same dps as slower staves. The thing to be mindful of with a faster staff, especially one that procs a haste buff, is going over your swing-speed max. Max speed is 1.5. Plug in your weapon speed, quickness, and any relevant RAs + haste value from buffs on the swing speed calculator (available on these forums somewhere) to ensure you don't go over the cap with the proc for example.

Other nice options might be lifetap RoG staves. Hard to get or expensive to buy, especially at the speed you want. I used destiny's bubble breaker for a while for soloing, the DoT is nice extra dps but of course will break snares if you're applying them. You can also switch from dragon staff to a slower staff with /switch macros after the haste procs.