Epic volatile tinctures ?

Hi, i would like to know if there are plans to add in the future volatile tinctures that drop in Epic dungeons in the legendary alchemist craft recipes.

So far, only the reactive tinctures are available in crafting as Epic reactive, but nothing for the volatile mending and volatile ablative that still drop in dungeons and resale at crazy 20-30PP on market, while on live they were not particularly priced. However would be nice to have them in crafting recipes!

Thanks for your reply

Re: Epic volatile tinctures ?

They are in the game =)
Weither one decides to use them or not, is a personal choice. On live servers, these were never particularly sought after. But it was good to have for those who wanted to play with them.
As a new player here i was quite enthousiastic about the QoL improvement for getting stuff from Epic dungeons either in merchant or in alchemy recipes. However, epic volatile tinctures seem to have been forgotten.
May be because of the low interest the majority of player have in them.