No credit no rps

I completed " participate in rvr " and got nothing for it. I did register part of a kill and I did get some feathers and soil but not the normal thing you get when you complete the "Participate
I went to "attack Berk" and got killed twice but got nothing for it at the end.
Am I bugged?
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Re: No credit no rps


2019-5-4 Saturday
Added a new BG and new max RR for BGs:
- 20-24 - Thidranki - max 3LO
25-29 - Abermenai - max 3L5
30-34 - Caledonia - max 4L0
35-39 - Cathal Valley - max 4L5
every BG now has two XP items
the xp for killing other players in a BG got increased
the command "rp off" was removed
Free respec: realm rank & level restriction got removed. Every level, including level 50, you can respec for free until you reach 24h played that level.
RvR Tasks: you need to be lvl 35 or higher to get a reward from the RvR task. The tasktick is now 30 mins, rp reward got doubled.