Old school player LF RvR guild. DAoC 10+ years on live from launch.

Basically what the title says. I have played DAoC in the past for 10+ years. My character names included Cfce, Asylum, Cfc and Zoclya.

Ive ran with 8mans mostly bomb groups on hib, looking to change things up a bit. Can play pretty much anything.

Looking for an 8man or small man guild. Dont much care what class I play as long as it is useful. I have mainly played Healers/Caster DPS but willing to rock the melee.

I have been part of many guilds over the time including: Karma, Lagged Again and IMO. And some more since most 8man guilds self destructed through boredom after a while.

Help a brother out and give him a reason to play.