Re: Introduce 5-man Mondays

Eh what are you on about? Bard can base everyone and a buff Druid can spec everyone with the new change? Maybe 2 blue specs out of 8 and all is good?
And this is regarding an 8 man setup. We are talking 5 man setups?

Anyways; I think the next event should be like the first one with a 5 man cap zone - perhaps with mordred settings to avoid zergs happen naturally.

Re: Introduce 5-man Mondays

Leandrys wrote:
Sun Jul 14, 2019 9:08 am
Well guess what, no, one druid isn't enough to full specs every hib formations

We're talking about a 5-man group where each one has a Healer/Shaman, Druid/Bard, or Cleric/Friar. Each of those characters can cast 20 buffs.

Let's assume it's a balanced group with "best" roaming composition for each realm (best is in quotations because these are the most common, not what I prefer):

Midgard - Healer, Shaman, Skald, Savage, Savage
Healer deals least important bases and PoM to everyone, that's (2*5)+3=13 buffs.
Shaman deals most important bases and specs to everyone, including endo which is replaced by potions by every group I've ever run with, that's (3*5)+(2*2)+1=20 buffs.

Albion - Cleric, Friar, Minstrel, Sorc, Cab
Cleric deals specs to everyone plus spec AF, that's 3*5+2=17 buffs.
Friar deals bases to everyone, that's (4*3)+(3*2)=18 buffs.

Hibernia - Druid, Bard, Chanter, Eld, Ment
Druid deals out specs and base Dex, that's (2*2)+(3*2)+5=15 buffs.
Bard deals out bases and spec AF, that's 5*4=20 buffs.

Where does the problem of buffing come into your argument? Or did you forget what your argument even was in your fervor to insist that Hibernia is shit and Midgard is broken?
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