Re: Eldy template suggestions?

You can not add focus to anything but a staff.

Do not go that staff, as a void eld you will likely utilize abilities from all three disciplines.

Galla chest, heart and tasty chunk are the only omg must haves. I like the high utility staff, think it’s dragon. SI necklace for the 10x4 resists

80k feathers for the above. SI neck takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

Jewelry, rule of thumb for casters is 50+ you’re looking at a capped 99% template. This can generally be accomplished for little to no money.

Full set of 99 armor minus the chest = less than 500g.

Procs are personal choices, I personally like ablative procs, but heal procs have a higher success rate of keeping you alive (instantly healed is better than the ablative charge in some cases). You can mix match.

The procs will run approx 500 gold +/-, I think up to a plat is fair if you don’t have feathers for the ash.

I would suggest also to put a Omni or heat charge on your gloves or boots for interupts. Omni for a very minor heal; heat because there’s a good chance of a target getting debuffed. Recap:

Necklace: free
Galla chest: 20k feathers
Staff: 20k
Heart: 20k
Chunk: 20k
Procs: approx 2p-4p
Armor: approx 500g
SC: 1.25-1.75p (I think 350/item is fair)

Re: Eldy template suggestions?

Kurbsen wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 5:21 pm
omicidi wrote:
Tue Dec 10, 2019 4:35 pm
You can not add focus to anything but a staff.

actually you can put + to focus on your armor here.. not sure if intended or what, but you can.

also to OP, legion charge doesnt have to be equipped to use.. but the charge is a must have.

Oh wow, I will build a vw template with focus then! Thanks for the suggestion

Re: Eldy template suggestions?

If you don't believe me, make a level 1 set of cloth gloves and add all 3 level 50 focus gems to it, remove your staff, and test how many times you can cast a spell before running out of power while wearing it versus not wearing it.

If you find me on mid, I'll happily let you use the pair I tested this with.