So i am rolling a vw next and was wondering a couple things.

What is the most common specs?
What race would be the best?
Does using a staff when casting really make a difference over staff?
And if so what is the swap macro to grab a weapon out of your inventory,

How is the solo farm/ solo pvp i loved mine on the live server got it to 8L9. Just wanna know about the specs and other things because i know the scythe moves are completely different.

Re: VW


I'll start ;)

Not sure if most used, but I go by

50 scythe (your styles do not have +hit, so you need as much weaponskill as you can get. Also you hit harder, of course)
38 arbo (gives you 2nd best combat speed buff, and gets you >50 composite spec for landing spells. Can settle with 34 for highest ABS buff, or go higher for more DD damage)
20 parry (a good boost to defense. the lower points are cheaper/more cost-efficient)

Firbolg for strength (gives that much needed weaponskill)
Sylvan for strength/dex/int (lower str than firbolg but faster casting with higher dps)
Celt for quickness (faster swing-speed)

You either grab a firbolg and go slow weaponspeed (>5.0 speed) with higher accuracy (weaponskill) or celt with quickness as starting stat for faster swings and fast weaponspeed (3.5 is fastest afaik) for the purpose of dishing out as many side-procs as possible. In short, firbolg would then have high stability dps over time with smaller spike damage, while a celt will have lower steady dps but higher spike damage potential.

Staff over scythe for casting:
I don't know :P I assume that +focus doesn't help the VW (just like acuity shouldn't) - Someone can confirm?

Should someone who has tested chime in, I'd like to know if Wild Power affects proc crit rate? And does mastery of focus decrease proc resist chance?

Re: VW

That 50 sc ability is the 4th in a chain from an evade, fairly unattainable in rvr. I went 44 sc 43 arb and the rest parry, 23, works well, gives you enough parry to pull of the parry chain.