Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

You have killed my caster spec by increasing the HP.

I'm currently the 6th highest realm rank mentalist on the server (9L3) and you have completely killed my pvp mana spec. it was already hard to play this way, as you know mana on a ment is mainly used for pve but at high realm rank and full damage RA's it is a great fun way to play a mentalist, now with the increase in HP it is now pretty much impossible to be affective in rvr with 'damage over time', as the tick timer will run out and players would still be alive.

if you have a problem with tanks dying from debuffs and nukes please slightly nerf the debuff. Don't tar everyone with the same brush because it leads to this kind of stuff happening to other players. This kind 'update' is why I don't play ToA etc and only play classic, so many other original builds people can play, but this will badly affects all classes including steathers.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DROP THE HP INCREASE, if not i'm sadly considering quitting the server.

gutted with todays update.

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Let's wait and see.

I think something went wrong with the new turn in system, I don't think it's in the GMs plan to slow down exp, quite the opposite so far. Give them time!

It would be nice to be able to purchase items with bps, not only feathers. Where 20k feathers = 10k bps to buy the item, I'm not a big fan of pve :/
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Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

After leveling many chars to 50 here and on Uthgard i see no point changing stuff here. It was fast to Get to both 50 and templated.

HP change i think is over done balance wise. Use time to fix pets snd interrupts in keep/towers

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

Boo wrote:
Sat Nov 09, 2019 7:26 am
I think you should start a public vote for the xp-system. In my opinion this xp-modification needs to be made undone urgently!
I like shifting some of the xp reward by tokens (and soon people will have excess tokens on their 50s).
Just needs more xp at 40+. Diminishing returns already counter instant 50. It´s more efficient to stretch it over a couple days, to have the number reset.

Same for xp items. Unlimited turn-in is okay, the old restrictions required quite some knowledge and micro-management for full effect (to hand in the maximum allowed, use them at the best level for their level range etc. remember questions in /advice about odd xp item behavior). But both reduced xp and reduced drop rate is too much IMO. Either.

Re: November 2019: XP, QoL and Balance Changes

the way it is now it's just a big pve nerf, just makes it harder to get to 50, not recommended
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